We are the BELOVED COMMUNITY that believe in your divine potential and believe it is God’s will for you to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Rev. Roderick Norton

Reverend Roderick N. Norton is a passionate leader, speaker, teacher, and motivator who ministers to his community with a natural love for preaching and teaching. Since childhood, he has felt a special connection with God, and that connection has only become stronger through the years. He has seen how God has moved in “seemingly” subtle ways in guiding his life decisions and healing various areas of his life. He considers it part of his life’s work to assist others in making their spiritual connection.


The Empowerment Center for Better Living and The Roderick N. Norton Minitries exists as vehicles to enlighten and bring people into a greater awareness of the true spiritual nature and their divine inheritance. Our mission is to teach individuals how to manifest their divine potential and express love, health, happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Prayer Support

We extend to you a most loving invitation to contact and connect with us whenever there is a need for prayer support. We believe nothing goes beyond the power of prayer and with God all things are possible. We keep the faith and hold the Truth, praying affirmatively, with all who call upon us for prayer. Click for Prayer Request