What We Teach

What We Teach

We teach the Omnipresence of God. There is only one power and presence in the universe, and that power and presence is God. Everything that exist or every will exist is pressed out of Universal Substance which is the spiritual body of God. Since God is good and everything comes from this one Universal Substance there can be no evil in reality. There are appearances of evil in the world because of the mis-understanding of universal substance.

We teach the Divinity of Man. Man is made in the image-likeness of God. All mankind is the rightful heir of all of the spiritual attributes of God. This image-likeness is our spiritual identity and it connects us all as spiritual beings to each other. This image-likeness is the Christ nature or the divinity that Jesus discovered, and is available to all who desires to awaken to it. It is the essence of all mankind regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or any other human identification that tends to separate people.

We teach the Power and Value of Thinking. It is through thinking that we shape and form everything that we have in our lives. Nothing escapes the realm of our thinking. Every thought that one thinks is shaping an experience that is to come forth. As you understand the power of your thinking, greater value is place on your responsibility as a thinker and the things you form in your life.

We teach the timeless practice of Practicing the Presence. It is through prayer, mediation and the silence that we consciously come into the realization of our oneness with God and acknowledge this oneness daily. It is through prayer that we lift our thoughts to the realm of our higher selves and release every thought is not in accord with our God-self. As we mediate on the higher thoughts, ideas and attributes of God we enter into the realm of communion or common union with God. It is in the silence where we are open and receptive and listen to Spirit as it reveals the higher ideals and spiritual guidance for our lives (Philippians 4:8).

We teach the Law of Demonstration. You attract into your life according to your thinking, feelings and our beliefs. As spiritual beings we have the responsibility to think right thoughts, speak right words, act and react in accordance with our higher selves and to feel rightly at all times. As we fulfill our responsibility to the Universe, the Universe fulfills it’s responsibility to us and brings forth into our experience all of the good by right of consciousness!

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