Welcome and Who We Are

Welcome and Who We Are

Welcome to the Roderick N. Norton Ministries and the Empowerment Center for Better Living. We hope your experience on our site will be inspirational, informative, and spiritually awakening.

We are an all-inclusive ministry that embraces and loves all people! We believe that God is the Creator of All and All that God creates is Good!

We believe that God’s will for every individual on the face of this earth is to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life, and that a new wind of change is blowing and individuals are seeking to re-discover their spiritual foundation.

We are New Thought Christian ministry that emphasizes the importance of individuals living spiritual lives. Our mission is to be the spiritual light that lightens the pathway for individuals to recognize and realize their spiritual perfection and their unity with God. Understanding one’s Divinity and accepting one’s spiritual heir-ship brings about inner peace, love, happiness, good productive relationships and prosperity.

We embrace your individuality. We invite you to express your higher self and your true self. We believe in allowing people to be who they are and express their unique gifts, so that the different and wonderful expressions and manifestations of God may show up and be a blessing to humanity.

We empower people to move from living ordinary lives to living extraordinary lives by providing them with proven spiritual principles that enables them to fulfill their life’s calling. We encourage you to listen to the “still small voice” within and move as it directs you.


Make it a point to experience our ministry and I promise you will never be the same again.


Knowing and Loving the Christ in You,
Reverend Roderick N. Norton
Founder and Spiritual Director

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