Roderick N. Norton – Spiritual Director

Roderick N. Norton – Spiritual Director

SONY DSCRoderick N. Norton is the Founder and Spiritual Director of The Empowerment Center for Better Living and The Roderick N. Norton Ministries. Roderick is known for his love of teaching spiritual principles to anyone who will listen. Roderick was born and raised on the southside of the city of Chicago. He attended Gillespie Elementary School and Lindblom Technical High School. He received his B.S. in Marketing from Bradley University, located in Peoria, Illinois. Roderick was licensed and ordained a minister in the Universal Foundation for Better Living, which is an international organization with member churches and study groups through the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean’s.

He is one of the leading teachers of spiritual truth principles in the New Thought Christian movement and has spoken to audiences nationally and internationally in his desire to empower individuals to live purpose-filled lives now!

Roderick is a dynamic leader, teacher and preacher and people have fallen in love with his style of making living a Christian life practical for all who are desirous of living a better life. He loves teaching the universal Truth principles that he learned and that has allowed him to live a better life. Roderick is a child of metaphysical teachings and is the protégé of one of God most dynamic and gifted spiritual leaders – The Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon.

Through his organizations Roderick sponsors classes, a weekly metaphysical bible study on Tuesday nights and a weekly evening of spirituality and inspiration called “Power Talks” on Thursday evenings. Roderick can be found inspiring, motivating, captivating and empowering individuals weekly at any of these events.

He believes it is time that people begin to live their best God given life right now and he is ready, willing and able to help them achieve their God given purpose and potential. Roderick believes the Kingdom of God is here on earth right now waiting for us to come into a conscious realization that the Universe is supplying us with everything necessary for abundant, healthy, and extraordinary living. This dynamic channel of God remains focused on living and teaching all people how to live a better life and he embraces all of God’s children and understands and continues to profess and teach that he is one with all life, therefore love is not an option for him but a requirement.