Prosperity Club


The Empowerment Center For Better Living Presents


Prosperity x Prosperity = Prosperity Squared”


What is P2?

P2is the name of our Prosperity Club. It is called P2because it is designed to elevate your prosperity to a greater level of realization.


  • Are you desirous of learning principles of success and experience un-interrupted prosperity in any form you desire?
  • Are you interested in learning spiritual principles that have been tried and proven to work, to open up all channels of prosperity in your life?
  • Are you willing to experience more than you currently have, and go places where you’ve never been?


Join P2 Today!

Each meeting will be held every 3rd Saturday of every month. Lessons are from 11:00 am – 12noon. This prosperity hour is designed with you in mind. Each prosperity lesson will enrich, enlighten and help you maximize your financial success. Experience prosperity lessons with friends in a collective consciousness. This is your opportunity to be as prosperous as you want to be.


Meeting Location:

Henry Booth House

2907 South Wabash

Chicago, Illinois

Plenty of Free Secured Parking

This is a free activity. A love offering is taken at each meeting.

A membership processing fee of $10.00

For more information send email to


Rev. Roderick N. Norton Stanley E. Griffin

Spiritual Director Prosperity Club Director