Love is many things to different people and is judged in different ways depending on a person’s experience with love. Most people define and judge love on the human level. How much someone does for them is the measuring stick for some people’s love. Another measuring stick that is used is how much someone says, “I love you” to him or her. Because we are so use to defining love from a human consciousness level, we miss the mark so many times of the true spiritual nature of love that we should be expressing all the time to everyone and in every situation.

When someone hurts us because they have broken one of our human measurements of love, we find it hard to forgive them and this negative energy of un-forgiveness seems to linger in our space forever and either audibly or silently we will say “I will never love them again” or “I will never love them the same way again” or simply “I will never love again”. Whenever we are so deeply involved in expressing love from the physical level it becomes hard to express love from the spiritual level, and we become totally unaware of what love really is.

I believe that if Jesus was able to continue to love those who persecuted him and crucified him, we can find it in ourselves to rise (resurrect) to the occasion and express a greater spiritual part of ourselves. You can always love again. You love again by coming into the awareness that you were created out of love and you are love. Once you come to the awareness of the love within you and the love that created you, you open yourself up to begin to attract new and better loving experiences in you life.

Forgiveness does not mean you allow yourself to repeat the situation again. It does mean you allow yourself the opportunity to move past the situation, without all of the negative emotional energy of the situation dragging you down. Love sometimes means release. We must sometimes love a person enough to release them so they can move on to their highest good and most importantly so you can move on to your highest good. Everyone was not meant to share your space, but everyone is entitled to share your love from a spiritual aspect, because you are a spiritual being who was created out of love and is here to express love. You can forgive and love again if you choose.

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